Cronulla, Australia, January 31st, 2009

Ceremony is at 5pm, Bass and Flinder's Point. We have decided on a reception at The Nun's Pool!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Arrive in Los Angeles from Sydney

Fresh off a flight, 12 other members of the Kelley Klan meet us in Los Angeles to kick off the Guatemala tour. Late night out, early wake up sets the stage for a very long but fun week. The Bride and Groom Arrive!

I just love whatever it is my dad is doing in this shot...

Sarah & Mike get engaged, set for another Kelley wedding next August!

So I surprise Sarah by passing the Tiara!! A special token, leftover from high school years, to be worn during all wedding festivities prior to the wedding.
Look at her, she's lovin' it!

Bud Kelley Unplugged

45 people clad in Bud Kelley T shirts! One of my favorite nights of the trip. A unique gift for my dad, Bud Kelley, a special solo performance by the world renowned bagpiper. It was truly a great party, and dad rocked O'Reilly's pub in Antigua, the only Irish pub in all of Guatemala. Initially he was shocked and maybe even a bit shy, but eventually he turned it around and put on a great show!


Fresh off a tour with Rod Stewart and Brian Adams...

That's Heather trying to River Dance on the bar.

I believe this is early on in the evening...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Main Event!

The Groom and his Best Man.

Mike & Janice trying to stay composed....but it's all waterworks.

Sarah and Rich nervous about their readings I think!

Little Ricky taking all very seriously. I think perhaps he's trying to look good for Fin.

Papi and hija.

Bride and Groom!

Post Ceremony followed by bubbles...

Yeah, we've sealed the deal!
I love bubbles!!

Welcome to the Kelley's Mike....there will be plenty more of this in our lifetime.

Parents, can't thank them enough for their support!

The Kelley's and Manion's together.

Family Photos of Wedding

Sarah, Janice, and Heather.

The main culprit, she who we cannot thank enough! Unfortunately, due to the amount of tears shed this day, Joan claimed that is the last Kelley wedding she will ever do.

All the boys, including Anthony, of of 2 Australians who made it to the wedding!

My beautiful siblings.

Us. I like the sound of that.

The Party Starts...

Heidi y Rosita
My cousins, so cute.

Papi....ah, love that man.

Sister Sarah and Mike, not far behind!

He makes me laugh all the time.


Chi Chi was just one of the fun places to share with Mike. The markets are huge, colorful, and fascinating.